Women & Power Dinner
May 10, 2019

Michele Zommer, as emcee, opened the Women & Power evening of May 10 with sage remarks that also included a note of levity when Michele commented that the late Governor Ella Grasso would’ve been glad to know that none of the 166 guests in the room were mentioned in the Mueller report. Photos of the event pay colorful witness to the special evening.

Michele Zommer
Susan Bysiewicz
(Facing the camera) Mike Carrington, Cathy De Carli, and Rob De Carli
Terra Volpe, Vanita Bhalla, and Susan Bysiewicz
Susan Bysiewicz, Alex Bergstein, and Kathy Taylor
(Facing camera) Louise Duke
Susan Spelman and Richard Boritz
Michele Zommer and Susane Grasso
Susane Grasso
Kevin Taylor and Rick Richarson
Michele Zommer & Rich Boritz
Barbara Mechler and Mary Doherty
Mary Doherty & Kevin Berrill
Susan Bysiewicz
Christine Edelson and Ruby O'Neill
Ron Pugliese
Alex Bergstein
Michele Zommer, Susane Grasso, Ron Pugliese (in back), Richard Boritz, Terra Volpe, Jacqueline Kozin (in back), and Kathy Taylor
Susan Bysiewicz, Alex Bergstein, and Kathy Taylor
Ron Pugliese and Michele Zommer
Arthur O'Neill and Ed Edelson
Barbara Wheeler (facing camera)
Cynthia Zinser (facing camera)
Mary Doherty
Trish Stewart
Kevin Berrill & Chuck Jones
(At right) Susan Boritz
Dr. Patricia Whitcomb and Maryanne Garrey
Justin & Rachel Bette
Linda and Joe Bette
Justin Bette, Cathy De Carli, Ron Pugliese (in back), Susane Grasso, and Mike Rosen
Linda Steelhammer
Kathy Taylor
Doris Sommers and David Levinson